Help! Multiple days of work lost

It all started when I tried to copy and paste text from one section to another and it didn’t take. So I opened what I thought was a backup file with the text, but it wasn’t in that back up file either.

Fast forward to now and I’ve lost over 4 days of work and can’t get it back! What do I do? I was completely done with a rought draft and now everything is gone!

I kept trying to open and save, and it kept making new backups so the 5 latest backups are all from this morning. Is there a way to undo changes, or get back to a known good file, or am I rewriting everything I’ve done recently?


  1. Set the number of backups high enough to last more than 1 day.
  2. Have a backup program backup your stuff to a local drive at then end of the day or every night.
  3. Have an online backup that saves another copy off-site.

In the meantime, be happy it was 4 days, not 4 years.