Help! My data is missing!

So I just logged into my Scrivener after being gone for over a month. All the data in the majority of my files is empty! It’s really weird. I must be missing something. Can someone help? Sorry that I can’t explain it any better. I’m so new to this.

Can I somehow access my data from a month ago to see if that helps?

Your data is still there (it’s just not here), if everything else fails in your backups.

Most likely your cloud storage provider (OneDrive?) decided it likes your files better “online only”. That’s what Scrivener doesn’t like at all.

Where did you save your project?

You might want to go to the folder that Scrivener uses for backing up your projects and duplicate that for safety – before you do too much poking around with the project itself in Scrivener.

Seems like a classic case of cloud with files online only.

Do you store your files/projects in dropbox ? OneDrive ? Any cloud service ?