Help - Need to Know Where Metadata List Values Are Stored


I’m doing some external processing of my Outline data and I’d like to know where to find the various definitions of Meta-Data, Labels, Icons and so forth, in order to populate lists of extents.

So, for example, I create a Metadata Key called “Foo”, which is a List, and has the value of “X, Y, Z”. Where could I find that definition to retrieve the values “X, Y, Z”?

(BTW, I’m not put off by XML, RTF, INI, JSON, ZIP, JAR, or any other file formats)

Same question for the labels that can be applied to documents-- I have a lot of custom labels I’ve defined, and also for the Icons &, section types, for the same reason.

If anybody’s wondering, I use the Outline export to help me analyze my WIP’s meta-data. It’s also where I keep scene info.

If you’re interested, I’ve included a small sample below.



All of the metadata information, and assignments, are stored in the .scrivx file itself, that you double-click on to load the project. This is a fairly simple XML file that describes the binder layout as well as some settings. You’ll find the metadata descriptions toward the bottom of this file, along with the internal ID that is used to associate values in the Binder element, to individual BinderItems.

Cool, that’s what I needed, thanks!!