Help on images in folders

I keep images in subfolders in projects for easy reference.

I’m trying to drop in and drag images into a folder, but it won’t allow it. Sometimes. Some folders it works. Some it doesn’t.

Anyone know why?

Is there a ‘properties’ I need to set or change?


You can’t drag images in your Draft/Manuscript folder or subfolders, because they can only contain Rich Text Files.
You can drag images in the Research folder, subfolders or other folders outside your Draft folder.
Choose Insert > Image from File… or Insert Image Linked to File… to embed or link images into a document, respectively.
Linking to files keeps your project lightweight, large embedded images may slow down opening, closing and backing up your project.

Hope this helps…

Se, erm, if I’ve deleted it because I hadn’t realised how it works, how do I create a new Research folder?

Any folder in the root of your project will do, but if you want the icon back, I guess you’ll have to copy a Research folder from another project.

The User Manual says:
6.2.2 The Research Folder
The Research folder is the default import location for non-text documents such
as images, PDF files and so on (although it can hold text files too). You can create
as many subfolders as needed to organize your research, or you can rename it
and create other folders in the root level to hold different types of research or
supporting material. Technically speaking, anywhere outside of the draft folder
is a valid place to organize research, old drafts, notes and inspirational materials.

Actually, the Research Folder is a BinderItem of the Type “ResearchFolder” and any newly created or added folders will be of the type “Folder”. So this doesn’t work, either. You could change an existing folder’s type to “ResearchFolder”, but messing with the Binder Index is not really recommended. :crazy_face: And it doesn’t work anyway.

So, how did you delete the Research folder? The option in the menu is disabled and dragging it to the Toolbar Trash icon or the Trash folder is not supported, either…
Don’t you have a Folder with a brownish book icon and an orange image icon on it somewhere in your Binder? That would be the renamed Research folder, 'cause you can give it an other name.

No idea - I just treat it like a nested set of folders.

To fix it I created a blank novel template and dragged from there. Worked.


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