Help, Please! Gobbledygook in my Scrivx file


Hoping someone can figure this one out for me. I tried to open my current document dated 3-13-17. It looks odd. Instead of saying scrivx on the left, there’s a firefox symbol and the scrivx is on the right. Screenshot attached.

When it opens, it says at the top: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” Then there is gobbledygook. (One man’s gobbledygook is another man’s code – I hope.) The file seems too big to upload so I copied the beginning and pasted it below.

Then I began looking for a file that would open properly and found that the gobbledygook starts on 1-2-17. All the 2017 files are the same.

When I went back further, I discovered that all the 2016 files are missing a scrivx clickable file altogether. They all have 4 folders: Contests 2014, Settings, Files and Snapshots. I have no idea what the Contests folder is doing there. It’s empty but appears in all the folders. The Settings folder is empty, too.

Keeping my fingers crossed. All revved up to resume work and no place to go. :mrgreen:

Many thanks in advance.
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screenshot scriv error.png

Are you sure you have Scrivener installed on this system?

If so, is Scrivener still configured to be the default application for .scrivx files?

You might want to do an uninstall/reinstall of Scrivener and see if that helps.

All is well now, Devin. Turns out Scrivener wasn’t the default program. So, easily remedied. Many thanks for your prompt and effective help. :smiley:

YAY! I love easy remedies!

You said it! Thanks again,