help please in deleting Transition elements

Help Please !! is there a fast / easy way to delete all my “transitions” elements? id like to remove all the “cut to” types of transition elements - but im hoping i dont have to go into each subdocument to do so. is there a way to make sure im only affecting the transition elements / and not inadvertently deleting any dialog that contains “cut” or “dissolve” — thx for any help !!

No need to double post. The simplest and safest way I can think to do this is just to run a search in your draft for the appropriate terms (e.g. “cut to:”), load the resulting documents as a Scrivenings session, and then step through each instance and delete it if appropriate. Since the search term will be selected when you go through the document, it’s easy to just hit delete and remove it. You can also further refine the search by calling up the regular Find/Replace menu and setting it to not ignore capitalization–most likely you haven’t used “CUT TO:” exactly that way (or DISSOLVE) elsewhere in your script.

thank you for this ! i really appreciate your expertise - hope u have a great weekend - TM