Help! Projects not opening.

…on my laptop with a new (old!) version of Windows - Windows 8. Because of bluescreening I’ve had to do a system recovery where I’ve taken off Windows 10, and gone back to 8 and started again. I made sure everything was backed up and then reinstalled Scrivener. But now I can’t see the exe files within the Scriv projects - the one with the Scriv icon that would normally launch the projects. The other files seem to be there. I did manage to open one project but every single scene was blank. Am trying not to panic. Please help!!

Scrivener projects do not contain .exe-files. But when you backed up your Scrivener projects via the Scrivener backup feature, then your backups exist as .zip-files named like this: somewhere on your hard drive (hopefully not on the one you had to reinstall) or backup medium (like an USB-Drive - hopefully!). The locations depend on where you told Scrivener to create them in Options > Backup > Backup Location. Maybe you copied the backups to another place afterwards.

Anyway locate these .zip-files and unzip them to your new project folder (the one which is meant to hold all your projects, e.g. something like MyDocuments\Scrivener Projects). Then, sticking with the example given above, a folder named myProjectName.scriv gets created and within there should be a file named myProjectName.scrivx. This is the XML file which you can open via Scrivener or maybe by double-clicking it in the Windows Explorer, if your system is set up to associate .scrivx-files with Scrivener.

Great - thank you so much! I have managed to open the project from my dropbox back up. Very grateful for your help.