Help removing separator between Front Page Header and content in manuscript format

I recently upgraded from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3 and I’m really having an insanely frustrating time trying to figure out the new Compile for my manuscripts.

I’m trying to remove the custom separator between first page header and the story itself, but no matter what settings I change in the Sections portion of the formatting editor, I can’t figure out how to remove the separator ONLY between the first page and the story. The link below includes pictures of my current separator settings and the result I’m getting. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Maybe it isn’t a Separator at all.

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Actually, looking at this :

I’d say that “Aswang” being a folder, there should not be a separator. (But then I suppose that the fact that there is one, somehow means that “N/A” is considered a section type of its own…)

Just convert your document “First page header” to a folder in the binder.

If that doesn’t do it, set the section layout assigned to section type “Heading” to use default separator. At the bottom of your 2nd / 3rd image. (In the truncated part)

P.S. The more I look at it, the more I think it might very well come from somewhere else…

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Thanks for the help so far.

Got rid of the document suffix. Placed the “First Page Header” in a folder, but I’m still getting the separator between the text documents.

Currently, all my “sections” are formatted “as-is”. I’m not sure where to change the separator between them.

Ok. So at least we know it is not coming from a section layout.

Can you export your compile format and upload it ?
I’d look at it.

→ P.S. Since you are compiling everything “as-is” (and therefor won’t mess up any formatting doing so), a simple way to fix this would be to move the content of “First page header” at the top of “Aswang”…
Then remove “First page header” from the binder / draft, or mark it as excluded from compile.

Or assign “First page header” to the section type Heading, and convert it to a folder.
(Assuming your *** comes from a separator. Which I’m not sure at all. → Making the option just above your best bet so far.)

To convert a file to a folder, right click in the binder:

Perhaps having “First page header” not assigned to any section type, Scrivener sees it as continuous sections… (?) triggering the between section separator. In that case, converting the document to folder should be enough.

K, so I tried converting the First Page Header to a folder, but the separator is still there.

I’m attempting to follow proper SHUNN manuscript formatting, which was pretty simple in Scrivener 1 with my original settings.

Here’s the current organization of my docs:

I used to be able to have it this way (with the First Page Header) as text in Scrivener 1 without the separator. Wouldn’t excluding the First Page Header from compile remove that content from the final document?

Trying to add my exported formatting but the forum won’t let me embed the media.

Rebecca’s Formatting.scrformat (51.9 KB)

Are you sure everything is compiling as is ?

Try checking this checkbox:

Try assigning “First page header” to the section type “Section”

Just tried. They’re still there.

All my sections do have assigned layouts. I’m trying to provide a screenshot but the forum, unfortunately, won’t let me embed or link to anything anymore.

I see. Then look up, I restored my post above.

Although, if I trust your very first screenshot, that problematic document is somehow not assigned to anything.

I did click that checkbox but it didn’t change anything, sadly.

This is messed up.
I think that at this point you should just move the content of “First page header” in “Aswang”…
I don’t know what causes this.

Well, thanks for your help. I really appreciate your time. I guess I’ll have to consult the Scrivener people about this. It’s such a simple thing that has turned so needlessly complicated.

@AmberV @kewms @MimeticMouton

It most probably has something to do with that document being assigned “N/A” ← I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. It certainly shouldn’t be.


Not assigning a document to any section type is not an option.

It’s weird because I’m compiling it as a “section” now. “N/A” was one of the options available when I first learned the new compile function. Admittedly I had no idea how the section formatting worked (again, coming from Scrivener 1) so I thought “N/A” would be the best option to use.

Lets try something:

Create a new document.

Name it “First page header 2” or something.

Make sure it is assign to the section type “section”.

Move it just below “First page header” (The original one)

Then copy the body text of “First page header” to it.

Exclude the original from compile.

Then compile.


Your suggestion didn’t work, but it got me to toy around with some of the options with folders and text. FINALLY got it by putting the First Page Header and the text documents in separate folders.

NOT including the folders in compile.

Editing the settings for Separators:

Separators between sections = Single Return

Clicking the check on “Override separate after” with the option “Single Return”

It seems that nomatter what you do, Scrivener treats the default Page Header like a text file, so it requires some hacks to override it.

I did also discover with my new WIP that Scrivener 3 has moved the Front Page Header into the “Front Matter” section of the binder. Because this document was ported over from Scrivener 1, it didn’t have that Front Matter in the file, so that’s where all my problems started. Absolutely frustrating but I’m insanely grateful for your help with this. It definitely helped me navigate some of the Compile options with a lot clearer understanding. Thanks so much!

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I think your issue is that folder. The folder itself will produce an output that goes between the previous document and the first document inside the folder.

In modern templates the folders are of type “Chapter Heading” and generate exactly that. Guessing from your screenshot, your folder only generates an empty line, but it still is a section of itself.

BTW: Your title page probably should go into its own folder, not the manuscript folder and then be added with the setting “Add front matter: [folder]” during compile. Then you don’t need that extra folder anymore if you’re not using chapters.

PS: To make clear what I mean, here’s my setup:


P.S. I am still curious as to what that “N/A” in the section types is supposed to be. And especially how it got there in the first place…
Anyone ?

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