Help! "Save" is now taking a Loooooong time?

Before the last update, my Scrivener would save lickety split - mere seconds. Hit the button and bloop! Done.

I did a Save As awhile ago, simply to save the file on a thumb drive, about the same time as the last update, and since then, Save and Save as, is taking way way longer than normal. I mean minutes, just to save the file.

Is something wrong? How do I report as a bug if so?

Running on a Dell laptop with Windows 7…?

Writing to and reading from a thumb drive will be a slower process than working off an internal drive, so that may be the only problem. However, Scrivener normally auto-saves regularly while you’re working, by default every two seconds of inactivity. Manually hitting “save” would just perform the same operation, unless you’ve also set up the backups to trigger on a manual save. If you’re not getting the same delay when autosaving, you might check on your backup settings in Tools > Options and perhaps readjust those.

You should also check your project’s .scriv folder to ensure you haven’t accidentally got any non-Scrivener files moved into it. Anything in that folder will be included when Scrivener makes a backup or you use “Save As”, so it could be adding unwanted bulk. Nothing should be in there except what Scrivener itself puts there.

I’d also reconsider working directly from the thumb drive. A better option might be to copy your project to the local drive, then use File > Back Up > Back Up To… when you’re finished to save a zipped copy, with date stamp, onto the thumb drive. If you’re transferring the project between machines, you can then delete your local copy so you’re ready to copy over the latest version from the thumb drive again next time you’re back on this computer.