Help! Scrivener will not open

After years of dedicated Scrivener use the program stopped working yesterday. At first, it would say “not responding”. I tried going to my other projects with Windows Explorer, the same thing. I downloaded the program and installed, still nothing. I uninstalled the program, then reinstalled it, now when I try to start the program it comes up with a blank New Project window and hangs there.

I emailed L&L support but doubt they will get back before tomorrow. Any suggestions?

One last question. Since I uninstalled then reinstalled the program when I get running again will I have lost all of my compile presets and text formatting presets?

After posting this I scrolled through other posts on this forum and found one describing this exact problem. One reply posted by Baggy suggested right clicking on the Scrivener icon and select Troubleshoot Compatibility. Bam! Within minutes I was up and running again with all of my presets intact. Oh boy, am I a happy camper.