Help!? Strange Printing Problem

Hi all,

So I have been working happily away, occasionally taking advantage of the “print this document” command to do exactly that, printing to any one of several different printers. Tonight, for reasons I can’t explain, the feature has completely stopped working. I hit “print this document” and I get the printer selection menu, I choose print, and then nothing happens. If I hit “print preview” I see the preview window, but it’s empty.

Thinking that I somehow borked the link between Scrivener and my print spooler, I uninstalled and re-installed Scrivener. Same problem. I can export the document as Word and/or .rtf and it prints just fine.

Any thoughts? Clearly something broke, but I don’t know how to fix it.


Are you selecting a single text file from the binder to print, or multiple? Does its text appear in the editor? Are the margin and paper size settings correct in File > Page Setup…?

Your questions helped me investigate a little further-- I was printing a single document, all the margins and page settings were correct, and text did appear in the editor. However, the document in question was not a file, but a folder, which I had done to solve compile issues, and then given a custom icon, so I forgot it was a folder. Thinking the problem might be related to file type, I chose another folder to test print, and in the process discovered that the view setting was “scrivenings” and not “document”. I switched to “document” view (in order to see the single folder only), and was able to print, and print preview, just fine. I then went back to my original folder, made sure I was in document view, and everything worked. When I chose scrivenings view I could reproduce the problem of NOT being able to print or preview. Further investigation revealed that this problem doesn’t occur when printing a single document (as opposed to folder), because if you select a single document in the binder it defaults to document view, and doesn’t give you an option to “scriven” (if that’s a verb). So: probably not a bug, but not exactly an obvious behavior, either. I wonder if there is some way to make it more clear…? Maybe not necessary. I appear to be the only person who has bumped into the problem, and now anybody who follows in my footsteps will have these posts to refer to. :slight_smile:

Ah, glad it’s sorted. There is a bug with the way Scrivenings prints and previews. When a container is selected and in Scrivenings mode, only the text of the subdocuments is printing/previewing. In your case, your folder must not have had any subdocuments, and I see in that case the Preview doesn’t have anything at all, even a blank page. To include the parent container’s text with the rest of the session, you need to select all the documents in the binder, not just the container. Print Preview is disabled in that case (the other part of the Scrivenings print bug) but it will all print.

Thanks, as always, for clarifying. Glad my computer isn’t broken, which is what I had feared.