Help: Updated and all my files are blank

Hi, I have been googling and searching the forums for this answer but I just can’t find anything like it.

I upgraded to version three (windows) and then opened a project I created in the older version. It said the file needed to be updated so I clicked yes but when the file opens my layout and all the folders are where they should be but every single page is blank. I’ve lost an entire second draft of my novel. Is there anyone who can help me recover it? This has happened with two projects and I’m afraid to open any others. All my work is here in Scrivener. Any guidance is deeply appreciated!

Whitelist Scrivener in your antivirus software.

All known instances of this problem are due to antivirus software deciding Scrivener is bad and denying access to its files.

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Oh!! Thank you so much!! I will do that this minute!!

Is there a way to recover my writing after whitelisting or is it just gone?

Sorry! I got it! Everything is back! Thank you so very much!!!