HELP w/Dropbox Setup

Newbie to both Dropbox and barely conversant in Scrivener, so to ‘save’ my Scrivener projects for ‘cloud type’ backup do I simply create a folder in Dropbox in the name of each Scrivener project and SAVE all of my project work in that folder? Or do I have to set up a synchronization from my normal Scrivener folder(s) to the Dropbox folder and then it ‘moves’ to Dropbox server?

Rather than have a Scrivener folder on my hard drive “My Documents” I also have a Scrivener folder on Dropbox too? Or only need Scrivener to be set-up in Dropbox folder? (this makes sense to me but I don’t want to lose any more files today.)

You could sync from one folder to another in DropBox, but I don’t bother as the DropBox folder is a real folder on your hard drive, too.

You can either move an ongoing scrivener project folder ‘MyNovel.scriv’ to Dropbox and open the project from there, or save a new project straight to the DropBox folder when you start.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I would also advise you to take the time to read these threads:

They’re in the Mac forums because issues with using Scrivener on DropBox and other network drives arose before the Windows version was even publicly on the cards.