Help with code for compiling

I’m pretty new to scrivener, and I just found out about the compiler, and its awesome.

I have been using this code in the “Prefix” box in the layout section to auto-label chapter: “Chapter <$t>”

It works perfectly, but I want to have some sort of “pre-chapter”. A chapter(s) that comes before Chapter One and is not numbered. How can I do that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It depends on how you structured your numbered chapters.

If you created chapter folders with scene documents in them, then for your pre-chapters I’d use text documents at the same level.

If you break those pre-chapters into multiple scenes, then stack subsequent scenes (i.e. indent them…) under the first scene document.

Then edit the layout sections corresponding to those documents/document stacks.

By the way, I wouldn’t get too deep into compile setups for the current release. I predict by next summer, version 3 will be out, and they completely re-worked compile. It will actually make things like this easier, but it does change up how it’s accomplished.