Help with Compile/Nisus 2

I have a Scrivener doc that I have compiled into Nisus 2. For some reason, the left margin on the indented Block Quotes is too far over to the left. Is there a setting in Scrivener that I can use to make the left margin of indented quotes normal?

Do you mean that your block quotes look the same as the rest of the text after you pull it out of Scrivener? You probably just need to turn on “Preserve Formatting” for your quotes, so that when you compile the formatting for those isn’t overridden. Select the text in the editor, then choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting. When you compile, in the formatting tab there you can click the “Options” button near the upper right to further modify this if you want the Preserve Formatting to only preserve your tabs and indents (allowing you to still modify the font, etc.).

If you’re using the presets in Scrivener to create the block quote formatting, you can also update that preset to include the Preserve Formatting attribute so that in the future, new text that you format with the preset will already have the Preserve feature turned on. (Essay Block Quote (Preserved) is set for this, but the line spacing is also a little different from the regular Block Quote.) Just format a paragraph of text as you want it–probaby just using Block Quote and then adding the Preserve Formatting–then with the text selected, choose Format>Formatting>Redefine Preset from Selection and overwrite the Block Quote style.

Thank you, this is helpful. I tried the Essay Block Quote Preserved, tweaked the line spacing, then applied it to all of my Block Quotes and it compiled properly into Nisus 2.

Thanks very much for the help.