Help with footnotes - inline footnotes vs. inspector footnotes

I want to generate a Word docx document with notes at the bottom of some pages, and footnotes at the end of each chapter. I have been creating the notes as Inline Footnotes and the footnotes as Inspector Footnotes.

Is there a way to mark the Inline Footnotes with asterisks instead of a number, so I don’t get duplicates of the same number within the chapter? Right now both sets of footnotes are marked with numbers, which is totally confusing.

And is there a way to compile so that the Inline Footnotes are in the final document, but the Inspector Footnotes aren’t? I have tried changing the Inline Footnotes to Inline Annotations but I can’t figure out how to get them to show up.

If there’s a tutorial, happy to look at it but I can’t figure out where it would be!

Thanks in advance.

Whether notes appear as footnotes or endnotes is determined by the general Compile options, discussed in Section 23.4.3 in the Scrivener manual. Section 24.19.1 discusses the relevant note formatting options in some detail.

There have been a few reports of bugs when people are using both note streams. They seem to be related to the .DOCX converter. Should you encounter a problem:

  • Compiling to RTF and opening the result in Word should be a suitable workaround.

  • Please open a support ticket with a copy of the project so that we can try to squash the bug.

(You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup. Feel free to obfuscate or delete any material that’s not needed to demonstrate the problem.)


Thank you. I wonder if this may be complicated by the fact that I’m using Word (or Office) 11. I’m planning to update but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll look at the chapter and see if that helps!

P.S. Does compiling in .rtf allow you to preserve pictures and formatting?