Help with license recovery

Does anyone know how to get help with this? I know there is a page where you can put your email in that is supposed to automatically email you whatever details they have attached to that email about existing licenses, transactions, etc. Before I found that, I put in a support ticket asking for help recovering my license I got a couple years ago on a laptop I no longer use. I got the email about that support ticket in a minute. I got the email about signing up here in seconds. We are going on well over an hour yet and I still haven’t gotten the email about the license recovery from their automated system for it despite it saying ’ We’ve sent details of your past transactions, licenses and downloads to you via email.'.

So, they say they’ve sent me what I need via email but well over an hour later and I haven’t received anything about it. In spite of getting emails from them about other things very fast. So, what is the deal? Is there any way to talk to a person about this and get the information that should be in that email that I’m not getting even though the website says it is sent?

Check your spam folder ?

Else, try this route ? (It is not automated)

I would also think that if you changed email in the meantime, but entered the old email as per your license (which would seem like the right thing to do) you should likely expect the email to have been sent to that old email address.

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My spam folder is completely empty. I have gotten nothing in my inbox or my spam folder. And yes, I input the correct email that I am checking. I do know it falls under ‘orders placed after 26th June 2019’ because when I tried the before (I couldn’t remember when I bought the license just that it has been a long time) it said it found nothing and when I did after it gave me the response saying everything about transactions, licenses, and downloads have been sent to me via email.

Then either try the “Contact us” route, or wait a little, a moderator will surely come across this here thread. (Although a moderator might just tell you to go through with what I just pointed you to…)
In the meantime, just don’t post specifics about your license here, on the forum. (For your own security.)

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I just picked up your help ticket from the queue.

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Good news, bad news. Somehow, I miraculously found my license. It was written down on a scrap of paper sandwiched between a couple of books near the desk I had the laptop I was using at the time. Bad news, apparently I didn’t use my main email address for it and it has been years since then (I wrote it down as a serial number which you said they switched away from a while ago). So, whatever email I used was one I barely used for anything and haven’t used in several years so I have no idea what it was. It looks like I can’t use it without both, though. So… how do I proceed with the license but without the email? I can guess things that might’ve been in the email address (ie it may have included x or y word or used a or b email service) but not even remotely what it might have been.

@RuthS can help you change your email address in our database. As @Vincent_Vincent said, though, we can’t handle license issues via the forum.

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I figured but I wasn’t sure about replying to Ruth’s support email. When I started a reply it said her support email was sent via a mailing list and the email address to reply to was ridiculously long and complicated (and didn’t include the name Ruth or reference to scrivener or literatureandlatte) and it asked if I wanted to reply to all (but didn’t see other addresses listed) so I felt leery replying directly to the support email. I was hoping to catch Ruth’s attention again here.

Support emails will come from, our support queue management system. The long string in the address identifies your specific ticket. The email will also include a link you can use to respond to the ticket via our web interface instead.

Alternatively, you can direct message her (or anyone else) via the forum. Click on the userid and look for the “Message” button in the upper right of the profile page. L&L staff will have an admin “shield” next to their name, and usually an avatar that references the Scrivener logo in some way.

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