Help with pictures in MOBI

Hello, I need help!
I am unable to properly insert pictures into a project for Kindle. In my first try, no images were included in the archive. After various tests, I get a properly referenced picture in the HTML, but the other has a weird name (“hsub&SP|? ÊqENQï_ÐCTABT”;)). It was just “copcol.png” before the compilation ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this problem with the beta, but also with the stable verstion of scrivener.
I suspect I’m doing something wrong…

Thank you

(sorry, I’m sure I found something about this, but cant get my hands over it again…)

Could you verify which version of Scrivener you are using by checking Help > About Scrivener, and then explain the steps you’ve taken to insert the images and ensure they have the correct name within the editor? There have been a lot of changes internally for inserting images and compiling to ebook formats between the 1.6.1 release and the current beta, and a lot of changes during the course of the public beta cycle, so which version and how the images are included (are they inserted inline or are they linked images, were they included as part of Word document import etc.) makes a difference to resolving this. Also, do you know which version you were using when the images were added (vs. now when compiling, as it may be different)?

If you are using the beta but are on an earlier version, you can download the latest beta release from the beta forum.

Hello MimeticMouton,

I use on my desk PC, on my notebook. Probably a very bad idea to mix both versions on the same project… :blush: :blush: :blush:

I’ve cleaned (removed all pictures), “saved as” and loaded back my notebook version, seems to work ok.

Done the same on the beta, and still have problems. Tried from scratch, same problem.
The way I insert the pictures (paste, drag&drop, even “bound picture from disk”) changed nothing.

Also noted that :
*If I compile all I get no pictures
*If I only select 2 pages, I get last picture OK (on page 2)
*If I only select page 1, picture 1 is ok.

Seems that it breaks if there is anything after a page with a picture

Hope it helps

(sorry for my poor english) (120 KB)

Thanks for the sample project! It appears to be a problem with page breaks–in the sample you sent, one of the documents is marked “page break before”, and the error is occurring whenever there are images in documents prior to that page break, which is why you’re getting different results when you compile different selections of documents, or if you reorder the documents. Any images coming before a page break are throwing errors. I’ve let the developers know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

(by the way : what a strange alias, “MimeticMouton” … ?)