Help with Save As

I wanted to move my current work in progress to a new folder and give the files a slightly better name than what I started with. But when I attempt to use File->Save As and type in the new name, I get an error that reads “Could not save project:xxxx Scrivener does not allow saving to a project’s .scriv folder. Please select another location”. It doesn’t matter what location I choose…it complains about them all.

Is there a way for me to do a save as?

I have version - 03 Oct 208, running on Windows 10. The project in questin was originally created about 2 years ago under a previous revision of the software.

It sounds like you’re trying to save the new copy into the .scriv folder (which is the project). If that doesn’t seem to be the case, then make note of the full path to where you are trying to save and post that (ex: C:\Users\you\Documents\blah\blah). There may be a clue in there that we can help with, or that will become obvious to you upon examining it.

I make a folder where I want it with the name I want using Windows File Explorer. This place is NOT below any scrivener project, but and the same level as their folders.
Then I save as into that folder with the new name.

For example:
…[folder appledesign1]\how to design apples rev1.scrv
…[folder appledesign2]\how to design apples rev2.scrv
…[folder appledesign 3]\how to design apples rev3.scrv

Edit Nov 8

I looked at this again and think I’m wrong. Just have a folder for your scrivener projects and save as into that folder. This will create a new folder with Name2.scriv and inside it will be the Name2.scrivx file and all the subfolders with the settings, snapshots and files which in turn will have the needed files.

The next save as will create a folder Name3.scriv and reproduce all those subfolders again.

So your folder with the project should have the .scriv extension, and inside that should be folders for Files, Icons, Settings, Snapshots, and the .scrivx file. Is that what’s happening?