Help with SUSE?

Can anyone provide instructions for non-geeks how to get Scrivener running on SUSE Linux?

Disclaimer: I’ve been a Linux admin for half a decade, and this crap really got in the way of my writing big-time. I absolutely enjoy being a regular user again, and I never figured that the need to put files I don’t have into a directory that doesn’t exist, or Linux complaining about some problem with a reptile named gecko would ever get between me and my writing again (yes, it’s a tad ironic - but to be honest, it’s also major torture).

Thanks! :laughing:

Install Debian? Or Redhat?

Sorry not helpful, but SUSE seems to make some things harder than they need to be sometimes.

I’m sure a more helpful person will be along soon.

You’re talking the WINE version or the native version?

WINE version is not that tricky: install current wine, install the packages you need via winetricks (it’s in a post around here (vcrun2008 and quartz, I believe), then install the executable.

for the linux native version, you need to unpack it, and then specify the Scrivener-specific libraries, instead of trying to run it against your system ones. For instance my shell alias looks like this:

alias scriv-linux='/lib/ --library-path /lib:/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener'

Yours is going to look different depending on where you unpack the folder, of course. Standard caveat that I’ve never used SUSE. (Slackware and Debian.)

Well, this is what I’ve tried. I’ll cut out the whining about the stuff I ultimately managed to do, but here’s what didn’t work: Installation of the packages via winetricks aborted in the last stage due to gecko not being found, and I have no clue if that’s a critical error or not. Then I spent a ton of time trying to figure out where to possibly get those windows libraries from that are referenced in both posts in this forum (the sticky, and the one about Beta#4). Ultimately I ended up downloading a 100MB exe file by Nokia, but could not open it, as SUSE seems to think all exe files are archives. Having said that, I probably wouldn’t have executed a huge exe file in the first place, when all I need is two libraries. I also figured out where the fake dlls live on my machine, but since I run SUSE 64 bit, there are two folders, one for 32 bit, and one for 64 bit.

So that’s where it stands. :wink:

Ok… for gecko, run winecfg once you install wine, and that should download and install gecko automatically.

For the dlls, I don’t know if you really need them anymore. When I hosed my .wine directory, I had to reinstall Scrivener, and I was so tired at the end of the process, I forgot to put them back. It installed and ran anyway. if you do need them, they’d go in $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 (for 32 bit files. I don’t believe wine supports 64 bit windows yet.)

One other thing: when you install wine and run winecfg to get it to install gecko, go into the library tab and disable winegstreamer.dll. For some reason Scrivener crashes when it’s running. (At least such has been my experience with any version of wine greater than 1.3.6.

Also if you use wine for anything else, you might want to make a different directory for those programs that don’t need the winetricks stuff. I know some of the libraries installed by it for Scrivener conflict with WoW (what I really use wine for), so I set a new wine prefix for that.

Thanks for the advice. Initially, everything started well - got the latest wine version, but for some reason, there was no winegstreamer.dll in the library tab. Tried to install Scrivener, but at the end of the process, I got this error: “Unknown error running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly”

Now, when I launch Scrivener, it crashes, directly after I enter a document name. :confused:

What version of wine are you running? You need the latest experimental builds to run Scrivener – from what I understand 1.2 won’t do the job.

I’m running 1.3.11. Couldn’t find the winegstreamer dll for a reason - according to a forum post I read, it doesn’t exist in this distribution.

So for what it’s worth, I changed Wine to emulate Vista instead of XP, uninstalled and reinstalled, but with the same results. The “Unknown error running post-install step” appears with the Scrivener setup stuck on “Registering Aspell as shared dll”. (And actually, Scrivener crashes upon startup, not sure what made me thing that I saw that first option screen.)

I guess it’s time to give those Scrivener-specific libraries a try…

Thanks for the help so far! Actually installation seems to have run pretty smooth with these four lines:

sudo tar -C /tmp -xzvf ~/Downloads/LinuxScrivenerBeta5.tgz sudo mv /tmp/LiteratureAndLatte /usr/local sudo ldd /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/Scrivener

Is that all? Garpu, you said something about specifying libraries, but it seems like Scrivener is already working. Am I good?

This is all it takes in Ubuntu as well. I don’t know why anyone would bother with wine.

As far as I know, the ldd command links the libraries for you.

It will be interesting to see if you have problems with the spell check on SUSE. Maybe it’ll be the same.

Now that I’ve tried both, I have to agree. 8)

I’ll make sure to report any oddities that appear.

Currently I “bother with wine” because the spellchecker in Linux underlines words that are spelled correctly, and won’t STOP underlining them until you tell Scrivener to “learn” them. Which is a royal pain for a document of any significant size.

Also, since the version of Linux will be pretty much unsupported, there’s no guarantee that it will always be kept up and will always be current with the windows version. Testing Scrivener in wine will make it easier to ensure that if the Linux version is discontinued, or if the windows version leaps ahead in terms of functionality, the latest version of Scrivener can still be used in a Linux environment.

Actually I’ve noticed an issue with the Linux version - happens to be the same with the tar.gz version I’m using on Suse, as well as the .deb for Ubuntu: When I want to open a document, I can only pick from the local drive, not from any removable devices, like the SD drive. Same problem on my Dell and my Eeepc. Is this a known issue? Does this work for people who “bother with wine”?

I just tried it with a USB and didn’t have a problem. Also, I usually access a main project on another machine across a local network and that’s been fine.

No problem with either version here.

Scratching my head here… like I said, two different Linux installs on two different machines, but the same problem. Dolphin respectively Nautilus show my SD and the Network just fine, but in Scrivener, I can only see my user home directory, as well as the root directory (which is labeled “Computer”). I’ve tried Scrivener’s start screen, as well as the “open” option in the Scrivener menu, both with the same result.

Obviously I’m doing something different than you guys. :wink: Would I have to mount those drives for them to show up in Scrivener (even though they do show up in Nautilus and Dolphin)?

But you did navigate to the directory where your mounted device shows up, right? Are you saying it isn’t showing there? In Ubuntu, of course, devices appear in the /media directory along with mounted network directories/disks. I don’t know about SUSE.

Maybe because in my field there are certain programs that are industry standard and with a small enough market to not be ported to anything besides windows/mac.

Or because I’d like to play WoW under linux (and get better performance than most of my guild members.)

Or because the linux native version of scrivener is completely unsupported and provided due to the largess of LAP. When the windows version goes live, I’d like to have an option to still use the program if there isn’t an option to purchase a native application. We’re here because of their good graces. Not all companies are so understanding of linux users, and we’re damn lucky we’re afforded a voice at all on their forums.

I meant I don’t know why anyone would bother with using wine for Scrivener. This was the discussion and the context.

One person has already attempted an unconvincing answer regarding that. Now you’ve chimed in and broadened it right out to using wine in general.

If you like using wine, then you just go right ahead. Meanwhile, if you can help the guy with the SUSE issues, I’m sure he’ll be pleased.

Brilliant - it’s right there, under “media”. Now I don’t have to keep copying my files from card to disk and back again. Thanks a bunch - there you can see what a Linux desktop n00b I am. :mrgreen: