Help with upgrade and files

I upgraded from the 2014 NaNoWriMo Scrivener. I didnt’ see any directions for uninstalling the original version. I uninstalled it by finding the folder it was in, then running the Uninstall program from the same folder.

I can’t get it to open either my earlier existing project - or the copy I made of it when I got a warning my files could be corrupted if I opened them with the older version.

When I try to open anything (in a folder with the scriv extension), Scrivener just opens the folder, instead of the project.

I do have the backup files Scrivener creates, and I have a whole series of compilations. But I want my project back! What’s wrong,and what do I have to do? How do I open the backups?

Do you have a .scrivx file on the .scriv folder? Did you try to open that one?