****HELPP!!! THE ILLIAD!****

[size=150]Andromache’s plea to Hektor to remain with her and her child is one of the most poignant in all literature. What would you have done in Hektor’s place? would you have stayed with her or gone to battle? Explain. [/size]

Are you looking for someone to do your homework for you??

I’d have gone to battle. Children annoy me.

In this sequence,
I read the Illiadd
I spent four years in the Army
I read the Illiaddd again, different translation
I got married and had a bunch of kids
I read the Illliadd again, still another translation.

Must have come to some conclusion in all that farrago, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Age does that to you.

… oh yes, and about exclamation points. Three might be perceived as excessive. Two will usually do the trick, and one alone may, in some circumstances, be enough to get attention. I believe – although I cannot document it, aged brain being what it is – that I have once or twice seen a sentence which, entirely without exclamation points, made a strong statement.

But perhaps I understate the case.

In any eventuality, the best of good luck.


I would have stayed. Better yet, I would have taken the wife and kid and gotten the Hades out of Ilium. After all, it’s not my war. Paris started the whole mess when he asked for another man’s wife as a reward from Aphrodite. Let him deal with the consequences.