Here’s an alternative corkboard ‘cork’ texture

Ever since I downloaded and started using the first Windows beta, I’ve always winced a bit when I used the corkboard view. It’s nothing remotely serious of course but the cork detail in the background texture seemed the wrong scale and the colour always seemed too weak and washed out to me. This may be due to my creating a corkboard texture a few years ago for a website (which I didn’t use in the end) and so I have a very definite idea of what looks right (to me, at least).

I noticed the newest beta allowed me to choose my own texture to use on the corkboard so I decided to adapt my texture for use in Scrivener. To my eyes, it looks more… erm… ‘corky’ so I prefer it. Actually, looking at it again, I think maybe the texture that comes with Scrivener is of a particular type of corkboard and my texture is of a different type, more familiar to me. Anyway, it’s an alternative that some may prefer so I thought I’d share it.

I created the texture from scratch based on a photo of a corkboard taken by myself which means there’s no problem with copyright so please feel free to use it with Scrivener if you wish.

To use it, download the texture (probably by right clicking on the image above and choosing ‘save image as’ or similar depending on your browser), save it somewhere on your hard drive then:

  1. Run Scrivener (Beta 0.0.29 or later)
  2. In the menu, go to Tools/Options (or press F12)
  3. Click on the ‘Corkboard’ tab
  4. Click on ‘Corkboard background’ (third item down)
  5. Click on ‘Custom Background…’
  6. Navigate to the folder where you saved the file, select it and press the ‘Open’ button.
  7. Press OK

Now when you select the corkboard view, you should see the new texture. If you prefer the original one or want to try another of the options, simply repeat steps 1 to 4 above then make your selection.

You may notice the texture ‘tears’ as you scroll the corkboard view (i.e. using the mouse to drag the corkboard scroll bar up or down). It also does this with the default texture but you notice it less because of the lack of contrast. This tearing will disappear as soon as the screen is redrawn e.g. by moving your cursor over the cork texture. Perhaps a fix of this would be to automatically redraw the screen when the user stops scrolling?

Really nice! Thanks, using this now.

Hey, thanks! It doesn’t seem more “corky” to me, but I do appreciate the warmer color. Using it. :smiley:

It took under a minute to make the change, including the time it took saving your image to my desktop.

Thank you