Hero's Journey Template

I modified the template uploaded here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/the-heros-journey-template/2719/1

I changed the folder names and added descriptions according to this wikipedia article:


If everyone agrees that it’s okay to share this modification of nadinbrzezinski’s template, and someone will tell me where to find the template file, I’ll upload it here.

The way I use a template like this: I create a new project with it, then open a project based on my own templates, then drag and drop the folders over to my manuscript.

I’ve tried a number of approaches to install this template, but have failed :frowning:

Has anybody had success at installing this hero’s journey template?

Thank you in advance,

The original template is from 2007. I don’t think it works with the newest Scrivener, but may be I’m wrong.


That’s very cool of you. A couple of notes about the template:

• You’re missing a beat at the beginning. I guess it would be beat zero - The Ordinary World. Hero’s Journeys generally show us the world in which the Hero is living, before the call to adventure comes.

• Just a note for those who want to use the template who haven’t read HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES or any of the writing books based on it – the order, structure and size of these steps is very fluid. Campbell points out in the book that whole epics have been written about a single element on the list. (The Odyssey is an epic about The Return Home.) Also, these structures can repeat in a story. There are several stories that have multiple calls to adventure and refusals.

I strongly recommend Chris Vogler’s book.

Did you upload your template anywhere?

I’m also curious if this has been posted anywhere.

Save your empty project as a template, then you can upload it in a new post.