Hexagon thinking

I used to have a window system called IDONS many years ago for quickly adding ideas and creating structures/networks of coloured concepts that snapped together quickly each as a HEXAGON

Specific Idea:

I am guessing that adding a new entity shape to Scapple would not be the most complex thing ever but I would stress that if you did this you should really pay attention to having the shapes snap together “magnetically” - laboriously lining dozens of hexagons up by hand without a grid defeats the purpose/ease of use.

Generic Idea

One could have a series of labels/ideas entered in a quick entry (brainstorm) box and then pick from a set of layouts (mindmap, grid, ishikawa, hexagon map which creates a seleted layout from the entries. Or one might select a group of existing nodes (2, some, all) and select a layout…

I think this would be great extention to scapple and fits perfectly with scrivener integration moving from concepts to writing

Hope you see the utility of this :slight_smile: