Hi, I had made an account and bought Scrivener a few months ago but that email was hacked, wdid?

So, I’ve been in love with the software since I first bought it, however sometime in July my Gmail account had been somehow hacked (they bypassed my 2fa??). With that they kicked my devices off the account and changed all the login info. I havent been able to get my key back that I bought and now I’m worried I’m gonna have to buy it again.

Sorry you got hacked! :skull_and_crossbones:

It sounds like you’re not actually having an issue yet with Scrivener, so that’s good.

If you’d like to retrieve your license number, try the instructions in L&L’s Knowledge Base here.

If you have additional questions about it, then contact L&L Support directly here. (They don’t handle licensing issues in this forum, as personal info might be involved.) Be sure to whitelist literatureandlatte.com in your email app, so their response doesn’t got filed in your spam folder.


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Hi Jim! Thank you for your input but unfortunately I’ve tried using the Lost License Recovery but it makes me send an email to my email account that was hacked that again, I do not have access to.

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Oh, too bad. In that case, contact L&L Support directly as I mentioned in my previous post. They’ll sort you out.


Emails from Lit&Lat Support come from tenderapp.com, not literatureandlatte.com, so while whitelisting literatureandlatte.com is a good idea in general, still check your spam for emails from tenderapp.com.

I suspect this is why people complain they have emailed support and have never had a reply.



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