Hide Binder and Hide Inspector Behaviour

I’m looking for a little bit of guidance, as I may be missing a behavioural setting – or this may become a wish list item.

When I have any kind of split editor (either in the Dual Navigation layout, or by simply splitting the main editor), I find the behaviour of the Hide Binder command a little frustrating in the following scenario:

I have both binder and inspector open. Hiding the inspector increases the size of the right hand split. Correspondingly, showing the inspector reduces the size of the right hand split. Absolutely fine. However, hiding the binder also increases the size of the right hand split – I would have expected the left hand split to grow/shrink depending on whether the binder is shown or hidden.

Is there a behaviour setting I can tweak to make that the case? If not, is it possible to include one?

Try the setting at: Preferences > Appearance > General Interface > Options > Always resize editors proportionally when resizing window

That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much.