Hide Snapshots Sidebar (SOLVED!)

Downloaded the free trial three days ago and I am in love with this program. I am most definitely going to buy this awesome product at the end of the trial. I never want to open OpenOffice ever again.

I just have a quick question. I looked and didn’t see any existing threads answering it. If they have, just point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

I opened the snapshots and now there’s a sidebar on the right side of my document and I want to hide it. It’s such a simple thing and yet I don’t know how to get rid of it. There’s no X indicating to close it. And there is nothing in the menu bar (Document–>Snapshots–>Take Snapshot, Take Snapshot w/ Title, Show Snapshots). There’s no option to hide snapshots.

Any help is much appreciated.

Great product, team!

At the bottom of the Inspector (what you’re calling a sidebar) is a bar with 4 icons to choose 1 of the four major ‘views’ of the Inspector; notes, references, keywords and snapshots. Click one of the first three and the Inspector will return to ‘normal’ showing a synopsis, some meta-data and whatever you chose. You can also hide the Inspector via the blue circled ‘i’ at the right end of the menu bar.

Ah, but you will. Scivener is not a word processor but instead is an information organiser and word processor “front end”. Some things are “not there yet” and may never be so some post processing is necessary.

I recommend Lotus Symphony over OpenOffice / LibreOffice. I find it is slightly less buggy and has a slightly better UI.

Thank you!