Hide the dashed document breaks when in Scrivener view mode


How do I remove the dashed lines that divide documents when in Scrivener mode please?
It is painful to review and edit my manuscript with the dividing lines in view.

I would like to view and edit my manuscript in one clear view without any dividing lines please.

Thank you for your help.

Yours Faithfully

Which version of Scrivener for Windows, please?



Hi Mark,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

My apologies for having not provided that information.

I am on an old PC my best friend Mark was able to buy cheap second hand from his work when they updated their laptops.

Despite being in lockdown the computer runs Windows 10 :slight_smile:

Yours Faithfully
Seaplane Paul

Paul, the question was asking, “What version of Scrivener are you using?”

Launch Scrivener. Go to Help > About.


Sure, but there were enough clues for you there :slight_smile:

Scrivener Version: - 14 Nov 2019

Not really. There are two major versions of Windows Scriv out there. v1.9 and the beta, and there are multiple sub-versions of each of those you could be running on at this moment.

So whats the plan stan. How can the dashed lines be removed please?

On your version, they can’t. On the beta, you can change them in Options.

File > Options > Appearance > Scrivenings > Options > Normal: Pick divider type from Corners, Dashed Line, Divider, Bookish

That’s why knowing your version was important.

Thanks for asking the question, btw, as I didn’t know that was a changeable option.


Thanks Jim for your answer.

Hunted through every single option trying to find a way to turn those lines off, for they really block the stream of writing a long novel with hundreds of subparts.

Great to see they are removed in the Beta version and the Scrivener is improving .

Thank you again for your answer :slight_smile:

No worries Paul, sorry you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.

I’ve been writing exclusively in the beta since around August of last year, and it’s really become a wonderful environment to work in.

I think you are going to be pleased with v3 when it’s released, along with all the other folks who are (more or less patiently) waiting. :smiley: