Hiding in Scrivner

Quick question from a newbie:

Situation: If I had some text in the manuscript (which was ‘ticked’ to be included in the manuscript) but then decided to move it into the Research Binder to temp hide it from the manuscript…

Question: If it still has the ‘include in manuscript’ check box ticked when hidden in the ‘research binder’ will it ignore the ‘include’ check box because it is in that other binder? Or do I have to move it back and remove the tick on the box to include it then move it back to being hidden?

Hope that wasn’t as clear as mud. I know what I attempted to say but it didn’t appear to come out the way I intended…


[This program is a DREAM to work with!] :smiley:

Yes, that flag only has any meaning if the document is in the Draft area of the Binder. Moving it outside of the draft makes it impossible to include it in the Draft since it isn’t there to begin with, so that flag does nothing and you don’t have to worry about what its state is until you drag it back in.

That was what I thought but I wanted to make sure before I sent a draft to print.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: