Hiding inline annotations in the Editor window?

Is there a way to hide and show inline annotations in the Editor window (a bit like the option in Compile) ? Sometimes I tend to annotate too much and would like to see the original text alone again :slight_smile:

(I guess I could also create a snapshot before commenting or duplicate the document and delete the annotations or use link to documents I’d use for commenting.)

You can’t exactly hide them, but you can change them into Inspector comments and then hide the Inspector. Select the text that contains the annotations you’d like to “hide”, and use the Edit->Transformations->Convert inline annotations to inspector comments menu command. When you’d like them back in the text, just select that text again and use Edit->Transformations->Convert inspector comments to inline annotations.

An alternative if you use a lot of Inspector comments as well, is to take a snapshot of the texts you’re interested in, do the annotations to comments transformation, then revert to the snapshot when you’re done.

Does this help?


Interesting! Thanks :slight_smile:

What I tend to do for this is select the full text of the section I wish to proof without markings, and use the Edit ▸ Copy Special ▸ Copy without Comments and Footnotes menu command. I’ll then paste this into a scratch file in the binder, which I can dispose of later, or just leave around for stuff like this.

Snapshots works as well, but unless I want to move forward with the revision and potentially leave the old notes behind, it’s a bit more work to do that, then roll back and potentially delete the snapshot.


So great! Exactly what I needed.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: