Hiding Inline Comments?

I’m working on the second installment in my Guardian Angel series using Scrivener; I’m fairly new to it. The first book was written entirely in LibreOffice Writer. I submitted that manuscript to a professional editor for feedback, which she gave using inline comments.

I just imported the .odt format manuscript into my Scrivener 3 (v., 32-bit, running on Linux under WINE 6.10) project folder and the comments showed up inline in red boxes (screenshot attached). I don’t mind this, but I’d like to be able to hide them and I can’t seem to find the command to do that. And is is possible to create similar comments for notes and etc. in my new manuscript?

This is probably a result of your import settings, in fact. If you check in File ▸ Options..., under Sharing: Import, you’ll find checkboxes for whether comments and footnotes come in inline, or in the sidebar as you may be more accustomed to.

Inline notation is somewhat unique to Scrivener (at least for this type of software). To add your own, use the Insert ▸ Inline Annotation menu command or keyboard shortcut. You can change their colours by selecting them and using the standard text colour tool. I like to use a few different consistent colours to make it easy to spot different kinds of notes. Both kinds of notes come in handy for different purposes. For longer notes, comments are often better, but inline is great when you always want to have that information in your face. They are also good for temporarily “deleting” text, without actually removing it from the document.

As for hiding them, that’s unfortunately not possible. It’s not for lack of trying, but it being rather difficult to do in this kind of text editor. In fact most editors struggle to hide arbitrary lengths of text, which may span through paragraphs or in between them. Most hiding code assumes paragraph-only hiding (like folding text editors do).

Do note that if they do get to be a bother, you can convert them to inspector comments (and vice versa) via the Edit ▸ Transformations ▸ submenu.