hiding script writing format text

It would be great if there was a check box in the script settings font styles that would allow you to make a text that is formated with a particular style hidden or not.

In this way it would be possible to create lots of notes directly inline in your binder files that are formated in the script settings elements as say notes and then with one check box these notes could be rendered invisible through out your document. Of course it would be great if the space that those notes where occupying could also become invisible. In this manner when you printed your document or just wanted to read it without the notes, you would not have all these gaps in your text.

my current work around for this is to create a new sub files for each file in the binder that I want notes associated with and then keyword these subfiles as notes. and then do a keyword search for everything I want to see but the notes. The problem with this approach is that I have to keep subdividing files where I want notes inserted, or just have notes appear at the end of the file. I think the above approach would make it so much simpler and more effective.

OK after digging a little I see that annotation could serve this function but it would not be as flexible as the above solution as with the above solution I could create different kinds of notes, and treat them differently. But it would be a great help if annotations could be made absence when viewing your document rather than having to wait until you export or print your document. Ghost notes mode is great but it leaves the gap where the annotation exist.

Thanks for the consideration and for making a fantastic application.

Have you tried annotations? The Ghost Note feature allows them to fade out when not under the cursor, although the space remains.

Or you could co-opt the footnote feature for the same purpose. Footnotes appear inline in the text, but print as footnotes.

You can use the Compile Draft feature to exclude footnotes, annotations, or both, and then print the resulting document.

And of course you can also use the Document Notes feature, although those notes aren’t inline.


Yes, it definitely sounds as though annotations are what you are after - they do exactly what you suggest. Ghost notes mode fades them in the text (you can use Preferences to set the fade to invisible), and you can choose not to export or print these ranges of marked text. They can’t be hidden entirely so that the space they take up is shrunk down, unfortunately, even though that is something I would like - as part of the Apple developer program you get some technical advice from an Apple engineer, and I used mine last year to get one of the Apple text engineers to help me solve the problem of hiding text, and even they couldn’t do it. But for everything else, annotations should do the trick.
All the best,

Thanks for explaining the difficulty of removing the gap, when making suggestions we often forget the complexity or impossibility of the solution.