Hiding the binder

I’m sure I’m being dense, but here it goes… Is there a way to hide the binder?

– MJ

Cmd-Opt-B. :slight_smile:

And just FYI, it’s under View > Layout > Hide Binder - easily missed. :slight_smile:

All the best,

This is strange. It works perfectly with the drop down menu, but not with the shortcuts. In fact the shortcut cmd+opt-i for Inspector doesn’t work either.

My partner, who is working on a PB by my side has them working perfectly. I have a MBP and zap! nothing, not even using the BT keyboard. :frowning:

I’m wondering if I have a conflict of shortcuts somewhere.

– MJ

Glad to read that others have problems with cmd-opt-SomeLetterHere shortcuts in certain cases as well. It is similar to what I experienced witn cmd-opt-G in Scrivener, with cmd-opt-N in another new software. I could not check the console because it worked in the recent days, but it is definitely a problem. Not so much with Scrivener perhaps, but perhaps with the XBox compiler or Apple? The error is not consistent.

Best, Maria