Hiding Word Count And

I’ve just had it for an hour figuring out my syncing routine, but I noticed the word counts on each page and I have an idea.

When I’m writing I generally don’t look at the constant word count. In the app, I would like to hide the word count, say a setting toggle or when going into Full Screen / Emmersed (if that happens) or “cross my fingers” wait until Compose comes out. Having the app available in Sharing between apps sounds awesome, but that’s up to the Scrivener Gods to decide.

You might find that the word count vanishes on its own after a while. This isn’t a software feature, to be clear, but a wetware feature. At least for myself, things I do not make notice of or use on a regular basis become “invisible” to my perception of reality. I’ve added a note to look into a “None” option in Settings though. :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t understand what that means.