Hierarchical keywords?

Hello everyone.
I am a user of Aperture as well as Scrivener and in both apps we have use of keywords, albeit in a slightly different way, or so it seems.
In Aperture keywords are implemented in a hierarchical way, so that by assigning the bottom-tier KW to an element (a photo, in Aperture’s case) all other KWs in the hierarchy are also assigned.
Example, you have a “places” hierarchy like so;


By assigning the “Louvre” KW to an element it also gets “Paris”, “France” and “Europe”
and appears in all corresponding searches. :smiley:

My question; is it possible to replicate this behavior in Scrivener and, if so, how? :question:


It seems the forum’s software stripped the spaces before my example KWs that made them clear. It should read like this:


Hope this clarifies the issue.

That’s correct, Scrivener’s keyword system allows for keywords to be grouped, but this grouping is meant to be a convenience for how you organise keywords, rather than to establish strict topical hierarchy. A good example of this is in the tutorial project, where “Locations” wouldn’t be directly applicable to any section in the Binder, but is there to keep all of the location keywords tidy and together.

Thanks for the quick response, AmberV.
Do you think this would be a worthwhile “wish” to add to a future release? Seems to me, from my utter ignorance, it would be fairly simple to implement and of enormous potential in its usefulness, especially for those of us with a more complicated/convoluted structure to our manuscripts.

No need, I’ve already written this up with a few alternatives for the developer to see if he’s keen on the notion in general. For most people our keyword system works just fine. It does have some limitations when you compare it to heavy-duty database style programs like Aperture and DEVONthink, but for most authors, in a single-work project (rather than a massive everything under the sun database), it does what it needs to and without a bunch of complexity (Aperture’s keywords practically require their own tutorial, or at least they did back when I used them, circa 1.x). We’ll see though.

All right, so as I was testing this yesterday, I fell prey to the quirkiness of the Mac’s modifier key system. I was certain that hierarchical keyword dropping was added ages ago, but couldn’t get it to trigger because I was dragging the keyword and then holding down the Option key (as is acceptable in Finder), rather than making sure to hold down the key first, and then dragging the keyword. It’s the latter method that works, and that will add all of the ancestor keyword containers of the dragged keyword in addition to it.