Hierarchical Numbering Not Flexible Enough

I have just started using Scrivener and like it a lot, but there is one thing I would modify.

I don’t think the <$hn> tag gives the user enough control over the numbering of the headings that it produces.

You currently have to keep all the text related to one section or sub-section in a single document or the hierarchical numbering goes out of whack.

Sometimes you may want to split a section at the lowest level into two or more sequential documents for convenience, but if you are using <$hn> you can’t do this.

I am new to the product and am not familiar with all the “ins and outs” of it, but surely if the counter behind the <$hn> tag was only incremented whenever the tag is actually used on any particular level, wouldn’t that solve this problem? I can’t see any downsides to it doing this.

In any case, for non-fiction writers, there needs to be more user influence over how this tag operates.

I also think the <$hn> tag should be available in all compile formats. I guess there must be a good reason why it currently isn’t, but can’t see what it is.

Like I say, love the product. Great concept and great execution.