Hierarchical selection & change of status/label

I am sure that this has been posted before, and if I recall the answer is to select all the documents and change the status and/or label. OK, but there should be another way of doing this.

Scenario: I am writing a book/thesis chapter. I have done as much as I can in Scrivener, time to send it to Mellel or Nisus Writer Pro. To select every document means I must first go through and expand every wrapped-up group of documents (there can be 5 levels of these). Much easier to simply select the top level, change the status/label to Export/Mellel, right-click, and select something like “update children to parent status/label”.

OK, I apologise for the situation-specific scenario, but do you get the picture?


GI :open_mouth:

Opt-Cmd-A is the shortcut for Edit > Select All with Subdocuments. Then just right-click and set the status or label.

Superb! Thank you very much.

GI. :smiley: