Highlight color in the right-click popup menu

I appreciate that there are many colors to choose from, but I was wondering if they could be further down the menu hierarchy under other. I use the standard colors for organizational purposes, but have to travel up all those other colors to get there each time.

They do come first in the menu, but I rarely use the menu for that purpose. I liked them in the tool bar, as before, and am fine with them in the ruler and in the right-click popup menu, but would prefer to avoid scrolling up all those colors each time again. One problem with the ruler option is that it is not sensitive to being clicked, and you have to hold-click to get the submenu.

I think it would be great if you brought back a toolbar version back, in which the five main colors and the remove color are grouped into a single icon that would be sensitive to each color being clicked. That way clicking on any of the basic colors would make it a one-click process. In the previous version, it would remember only to color what was last used, and now the click does not work at all.

I also miss the searching for highlight option to make the most of having applied various highlight colors. This was a great meta-organizational tool that I guess did not make it to the new version.

Just some feedback to what has been an amazing upgrade so far.

Hi onno,

I don’t think I quite understand all you’re describing and asking for, but a few things that might help:

  1. If you show the format bar (Format>Show Format Bar) there’s an icon there for the highlights. You can ctrl-click or click and hold to display a drop-down menu of all the color choices, with the standard ones and “remove color” at the top. It will remember the last color used, so clicking on that icon or using the keyboard shortcut (cmd-shift-h) will apply that most recent color. (I think you said all this in your comments, this is the toolbar version you were talking about? I guess I’m just not clear on why you don’t like it, except that you have to hold click and not just click? A single click will just apply the highlight.)

  2. You can also use System Preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts to other colors if you use them frequently and want easier access, similar to how 1.5x versions had shortcut keys for the standard colors. Now since you can make your own colors (beyond the old “arbitrary color” option) you can set your own shortcuts for any of these.

  3. You can search for highlight by color in the Edit>Find>Find by Formatting… dialogue.

Anyway, not sure that completely addressed your issue, but maybe some of it will be helpful.

Yeah, I’m not sure what you mean about the Format Bar version being any more cumbersome than the old toolbar version. It is functionally identical—in fact if you right-click you don’t even have to wait for the click-hold routine, it’s instant access. Right-click, and all of your standard options are compact and right at the top. User supplied custom colours are then below and out of the way in case you need them. Once a colour is picked, the format ruler functions identically to the old toolbar button. Just select some text and click the colour chip once. There is actually zero different between the two except for the custom colours at the bottom of the contextual menu. I’m a big fan of moving this here, as I always close the toolbar entirely, but tend to leave the format bar open.

Wow, see, its even beter than I thought.