highlight current line is 'stuck'

Thinking I wanted to be fancy, I clicked the preferences/compose/editing box labeled “Highlight Current Line”. I also assigned a custom color, bottom of the same prefs page, “customizable colors”.

Then I found the color annoying, so I unchecked the box, and changed the color.

Neither had any effect so I’m wondering if I am doing something wrong?
Changing the cursor on the same pref page to block likewise has no effect.

Scrivener 2.7
Mac 10.11.1

[by the way, I tried searching these forums for the phrase ‘highlight current’, but apparently I don’t have the syntax properly constructed because I got hits for each word rather than the phrase].

Does this problem persist after reloading the project? That sounds to me like some kind of odd temporary display glitch. There are some issues with the highlight line feature at the moment that I was just made aware of in another bug report, but they all involve the text editor being zoomed out below the 100% point, so that would be something to check as well.