Highlight Current Line not operating

I may just not know how the function is supposed to work but my presumption was that when “Highlight Current Line” was selected from the Editor section of preferences would cause the line the cursor was on would be highlighted a different color. If that is a correct assumption then sadly, for me at least, it is not working as stated.

Has anyone else had this issue? if clarifying information is needed I’m more than willing to produce such information.

Thank you all.

Where have you ticked it? There are two places, separate - to get it working in the regular editor, you tick it in the “Editor” pane of the preferences; to get it working in full screen you tick it in the “Full Screen” pane of the preferences. There’s a separate option for each - could it just be that you have ticked the wrong one?

All the best,

Hi Keith, thanks for the reply. I checked the option in both Editor and the Full Screen in Preferences.

For what it’s worth I took a short video in order to display the issue.


I hope it helps.

Oh, and forgive the misspelling of the word “shouldn’t” I didn’t notice until after I took the video and dont feel like re-making it. Thanks again.


I’m a little confused. In your video, the line is clearly highlighted in yellow, so it’s working as it should…

Mind you, when I say “clearly”, it is quite a subtle yellow that it uses by default. I wonder if it’s just a bit too subtle for your monitor? Try going to the “Appearance” pane and changing the “Current Line Highlight” colour under the “Editor” colours, and make it darker. My guess is that this is the problem, that it’s just not very clear on your particular screen set up.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

That was exactly it. Thanks Keith.