Highlight Keyword in Document

Not sure if this has already been dealt with. I am using keywords and quite happy with the way they work. However, when I search for a keyword, the binder shows the chapters of the binder where the keywords have been allocated. Well and good. However, I want the keyword for the indicated chapter to show up highlighted in the chapter’s text so I don’t have to go searching for it. Okay, I can get that by searching for it in the search field, but it is much easier to just click on the keyword and the magnifying glass icon in the keywords popup. Is there some reasons that searching for keywords in this manner, cannot be highlighted in the document/chapter where it is indicated (as they are when using the search field)? Typing stuff in the search field is always prone to typos. Whereas, clicking on keywords in the keyword popup always has the correct spelling, especially names and unusual names of things. Especially when you forget those invented names of things.
Thanks for your help in advance.

Okay, don’t panic everybody. I just found the little drop down arrow on the magnifying glass in the keyword popup. I should have ticked the ‘search all content’ item, which now highlights the keywords as required.

Hi, I am fairly new to Scrivener and still a bit confused by keywords, so if anyone can help…I want to establish a set of keywords (that relate to key clues or plot points in my novel) that will show up as highlights within the text of all documents and also be tagged on the documents themselves (in the binder). On the latter, I know I can physically tag each document with those keywords but I was looking for a way to search the whole project and have Scrivener automatically tag documents where those keywords occur and also to have those keywords highlighted throughout the text of all documents. The idea is to pick up any repetitions or inconsistencies for these key plot points.


Hi Kate,
I don’t think you can get Scrivener to automatically tag your keywords. As far as I know, you have to assign them to each document/chapter, although you can assign them to multiple documents/chapters simultaneously. Keywords will be highlighted in the document if you click on them in the keyword pane and then the magnifying glass down at the bottom. The chapters with the relevant keywords also get listed in the binder, under the Search Results tab.

This probably doesn’t help you too much, Kate. Hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge about keywords will have a more succinct answer.

Best regards

Thanks for the tip on highlighting within a document Steve. That is what I need…cheers, Kate