Highlight latex

Hi, it could be amazing if Scrivener could highlight latex codes within the text. Additionally, it is even more important Scrivener be able to load bib file into its bibliography resources, so one can cite export the bib file used in the text.

Here is a prior discussion on the topic. Note that one of the techniques I mentioned of using QuickCursor is no longer optimal. Apple’s policy decisions on the Mac App Store have gutted its ability to work, and the developer wasn’t interested in making it available off of the MAS, so it’s gone open source and I don’t know what the state of it is these days. Last time I tried it, it wasn’t working well on 10.8.

You should be able to drop a .bib file into the binder though. It won’t be integrated in any fashion, but you can keep your resources in one basket if you want. The compiler isn’t really set up to export auxiliary files into the compile folder outside of images and boilerplate LaTeX files with the MMD workflow.