Highlight search results in binder?

Would anybody else like the ability to have search results highlighted in the binder, without having all the other documents hidden? It would be useful for me, being able to keep the search results in context.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I wouldn’t, and that’s what counts 'round 'ere. :slight_smile:

In the search results list, press Cmd-A to select them all, then press Opt-Cmd-R. :slight_smile:

Also depending on your other use of icons or labels, you could apply a temporary custom icon or “search highlight” label to the selected documents so you can still click around in the binder without losing your ‘highlighted’ search results. Of course doing so will replace any existing label or icon, so if you’re already using these for something else that won’t work. But if you’re just using the default icons, it wouldn’t be hard to set something noticeable (the star ‘review’ icon or what have you) so you can easily see it and then later select them again and revert to the default icon.

You could do something similar with status or keywords, also, if you chose to use the outliner in place of the binder while working with the search results. After you bring up the search and reveal the documents in context, affix a “search results” status or keyword to them, then open the Draft (or whatever sections you’re working with) in outliner and close the binder. Caveat here that you won’t see the top level folder, if that’s important. (You can also select all in the binder and open that in Outliner; you’ll not see the top level folders–Draft, Research,etc.–and the hierarchy won’t be shown, but all the documents will be there and in the proper order.)

So there, random ideas from a tired brain that may or may not be remotely helpful. :wink:

Ioa’s suggestion is a good 'un - that should do exactly as you wish, sorry I forgot that myself!
All the best,