Highlighter mode

I wish there was an option to use the Highlighter in a mode that more closely parallels the use of a highlighter in the real world.

That is, I want to select a highlighter tool that highlights any text I drag it over in one simple action. That way your eyes don’t leave the text you’re reading. As it it, you have to select text, move the mouse up to the menu or toolbar to convert the selected text to highlighted text, and your eyes have to jump up and down to follow this. And it’s just clumsier than they way you do it in real life. (Or you could let go of the mouse to use a shortcut, even more disruptive to the natural flow of reading.)

I realise that others might prefer the current approach (though I can’t think why!) which I why I’d like this as an option

Someone else suggested this, and I do like the idea. However, it turned out to be more difficult to implement than I thought it would be, so the idea now resides on my list of possibilities for 2.0 - in other words, it’s one of the things that I am going to come back to when I set aside the time for a major overhaul in a year or so.
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P.S. You can always use the contextual menu or keyboard shortcut to avoid eye-jumping.

I do it every time with a multi-button mouse (logitech) and Quickeys; it works very well: a click with my thumb highlights the selection, as in real life with a stabilo pen.

If there was a default highlight color then a short click on the highlighter icon could apply the color.
A longer click would reveal the color menu.


UUUUps It already does :blush: