Highlighting documents in the Binder...? Also, adding a separator line in the Binder...?

Hello -
Two questions regarding organization in Scrivener for Windows:

  1. is there a way to highlight, flag, or bolden the title of a document or folder in the Binder? The purpose is basically to make a visual cue of a place I want to remember to review.

  2. is there a way to insert a separator line in the Binder, again as a visual cue for organizational purposes? This would be used when you don’t want to create separate folders for topics, but do want to “group” certain topics.

Thanks in advance for any direction – Bc

  1. For whichever document or folder you want to highlight in the Binder, open it up and go to the General Meta-Data pane and give it a Label color. Then, go to View>Use Layout Color In> and choose Binder or Icons. In the Binder, the document will now either show a colored dot (if you chose Binder in the menu) or color the document/folder icon the label color (if you chose Icons in the menu). You can also choose both and have both visual cues appear.

  2. I don’t know if there’s an “official” method for this, but you could create a new document or folder in the spot where you want the separator line and use “------------” for the document/folder title. You would never have to open this document or folder, as it’s just there to act as a separator.

Hope this helps.

Great! Thanks! I hadn’t seen the “View> Use Label Color In” option in the tutorial, so that was a big help. (Though I wish there was a way to add a simple check-mark next to the doc or folder in the binder…). And your idea for the separators was so smart!
Thanks again for taking the time to answer –