highlighting isn't going away

I’m experiencing an odd bug - I’ve highlighted some words in my story in pink, and later decided to remove the highlight. However, now every time I re-start Scrivener, the entire paragraph that used to contain those words is highlighted in pink. I’ve tried to remove the highlighting, but it happens all over again the next time I re-start the program.

For some reason, it’s not doing the same with yellow highlighting. Just pink. It’s not a biggie, as I later re-format the text in Word anyway, but I thought I’d mention it.

I’m running Windows 7, if that’s any help.



Hi V,

There’s a bug in 023 (which was present in an earlier beta also) where certain formatting is getting picked up by invisible characters (carriage returns, at least) and then not being released, so even though it looks like you’ve removed the highlighting it’s still lurking in the paragraph formatting and will cause the entire paragraph to later pick up that formatting, as you’ve seen. Usually this happens when the formatting was at the start of the paragraph, rather than just somewhere in the middle–is this how your pink highlights were?

I’m having the same issue. I don’t think my original highlighting was at the beginning of the paragraph.
Is there a way to make the highlighting go away? I keep reformatting as “no color,” but the highlighting keeps returning.