Highlighting - possible tweak

Select and then highlight works fine. But even better, I think, would be to adopt the NoteTaker method: command+drag operates exactly like ordinary dragging, but instead of selecting, it highlights. And the highlight isn’t fixed until mouseUp so you can back-and-forth to get it right.

Just one of those tiny things that smooths the UI, though some may disagree.

RELATED DESIDERATUM: Now if we could have something which (a) found all highlights or a given colour [which we can do already, -ish, but this should find the lot, in one go] and (b) copy the highlighted text to a new document… well, that would be very powerful but, I suspect, quite tricky. (Both NoteTaker and CP Notebook do something along these lines, but both blow it at the last moment by “gathering” any entry that has a highlighted bit anywhere in it. I highlight a few lines in a 2,000 word research document, I don’t want the whole damn thing reproduced in )my new “highlighted bits” doc. I just want the bits I, er, highlighted.

Someone else suggested this, actually, and I liked the idea enough to look into it. However, it turned out to be more difficult than it sounded, so it is now on my list to look into for a later version.

Likewise with the various find techniques - highlights, annotations etc. I would like to improve this in the future, but probably not until 2.0.

Thanks and all the best,
Keith (who occasionally wears shorts in summer and has a bit of stubble at the moment but still does his best to be a grown up, honest :slight_smile: )