Highlighting problems (make the blackness go away)

The new updates (1.5 betas 1-3) are causing me problems with selecting text. It seems to be connected to highlighting. Here’s what happens: I set an arbitrary colour for highlighting and highlight a word (all fine) then I double click a word to select it and its background turns black, I select a passage, the background of the selected text turns black, I select all, same thing. If I select again, the blackness goes away.

Obviously, this is not conducive to productive writing.

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz
Mac OS X 10.5.2

Thanks for your bug report. I’ll take a look at this and try to find a fix for the next beta. In future, would you mind following the forum rules concerning beta releases, though? Obviously this is what betas are for - for testing, so that I can iron out bugs before they become official releases - but I ask that users keep beta-related posts to the Beta Testing forum so that users who choose not to use the betas do not find beta-related topics talking about features they do not yet have and get confused. From the topic in the Beta Testing forum from where the beta is downloaded:

Unfortunately, if you downloaded from MacUpdate, you probably wouldn’t have seen this - MacUpdate grab the betas and put them up on their site more quickly than they should (they shouldn’t really put betas up at all…)

Thanks - and thanks again for taking the time to report bugs and to test out the beta.
All the best,

P.S. Whenever this happens, by the way, you can hit “Undo”. To prevent it happening, after using the arbitrary highlighter, go to Text > Fonts > Show Colors. You can close the colour panel immediately - this will just stop the bug from showing up.

Sorry, I just went straight to ‘Technical Support’ to report my problem, thinking that was the right place. With so many people offering beta releases, I’m afraid I’ve been conditioned into thinking of them as the real thing (and yes, MacUpdate was the place I downloaded from).

all the best: tim

No problem. I’ve found the bug, by the way, and hopefully fixed it. I’ve put out a new beta with this fix you can download beta 4 from the Beta Testing forum.
All the best,

Thanks Keith.

btw. Here’s the book I wrote using your lovely software.

amazon.co.uk/Shapes-sounds-c … 933&sr=8-2

: tim

I’m still having problems (beta 4) but I’ve started posting them in the beta forum.