Highlighting removed upon compilation to RTF fortmat

When compiling highlighted text to into an RTF document, the highlighting is removed.
Ideas anyone?
(I use Scrivener 1.5.3 for Windows and MS Office 2013)

This is on the list; it’s an RTF compatibility issue based on how different programs read the RTFs, and unfortunately the standard encoding that Scrivener is using to define the highlights isn’t being interpreted in Word or OpenOffice. If you have OpenOffice, you could compile to ODT, then resave to DOC or RTF from there for use in Word. Word can also open an ODT file, although the quality will probably not be as good. Depending on what kind of formatting you have, though, that may work just fine.

ODT though removes other elements such as tables pasted to scrivener from MS Word.

Thanks anyway.

Ah yeah, in that case it isn’t an option. Copying and pasting directly from Scrivener’s editor seems to retain the highlighting; I don’t know if that will be any help to you.